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Email grous exchange offer.

Stop spending countless hours in the Yahoo,Topica etc.directories,fishing for good safe to post groups. Let's exchange our groups.Send me the list of Your good usable groups and I send You mine groups. I'm looking for:Yahoogroups,Smartgroups,Topica groups, Coolistgroups,Listlet groups,any other group is o.k. with an email address.I send You as many as You send me.Send me 10,I will send You 10.Send me 100,I will send You 100.No limit. Many peoples ask money for a good list compilation,so instead of paying for it,why not help out each other. If You ever tried to search any directory for safe groups,You know that this offer makes sense. Please don't send me deleted groups,I won't do that to You either. Also if You a grop owner,please send your group's name,I would like to join Your group(s) Send To Subject:groups

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